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The Karsts Of Yangshuo

 •  April 21

We arrived in Yangshuo, China, late at night, after a long bus ride from Guilin.  Everybody was asleep and exhausted from spending far too much time...

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Final Update on My Eagle Project

 •  April 20

During this trip there have been several major milestones: revisiting Tuck and Jones’ orphanage, exploring the Chinese city where Yve was born, and...

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Chinese Proverb

 •  April 19

On this trip there are no desks. No bells and set times. No Monday blues and late night, last minute to-dos. No teachers—or at least in the...

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Biking with Cari

 •  April 15

One day Cari arived at fun SAMs.  Then we wock up. Then after we went to brecfiat we went biking with Cari.  We biked to the giggling tree.  We...

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Thinking of Marrakech: Majorelle Gardens

 •  April 14

I hopped off the horse drawn carriage, feeling like royalty, and approached the garden. As I peeked over the tall brick wall, I saw bamboo towering...

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Piercing The Bubble

 •  April 13

We all live in bubbles to some respect, operating our daily existence in a relatively finite collection of sets and routines. Our family plays out...

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Happy Birthday Cliff!!!!

 •  April 12

Today is your 50th bday…Wahoo!!!  We wish we could all be together to celebrate but we will just have to make up for it in Bali In Project Equator...

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 •  April 7

Amerlcan money ls green. The flrst  country we went To is italy thelr money ls the euro.  Greece And spaln have the euro   Too.  morocco...

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Bamboo Rafting

 •  April 6

We did bamboo rafting cuz dad wanted to do it befor he left so we did it.  We got on the raft. The driver was using a stick of bamboo for moving the...

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An Epic Stage Walt Himself Would Be Envious Of!

 •  April 5

Yangshuo and the word epic just go together. This place is like a love child between Yosemite, California and Krabi, Thailand, with spectacular...

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