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Who Gnu?

 •  January 11

Baby giraffes, baby lions, leopards: wow.  But to me, the mind boggling number of Wildebeest (Gnu=Wildebeest ) thundering by in an unending ribbon...

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Cash is KING in Zanzibar

 •  January 9

From the airport near Stonetown to our spot perfectly named, “Crazy Mzungos,” takes over an hour by taxi bus. The price, however, changes as often as...

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How Now Brown Dhow

 •  December 31

I can say, without fear of contradiction, that the Beverly Yacht Club in Marion is sadly lacking in the Dhow fleet. But, hey, send me a few Tanzanian...

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Kiteboarding: PopPop’s Perspective

 •  December 29

For those of a certain age, or of a peculiar ability for remembering country and western song titles, consider my twist on: “I fought the kite-and the...

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Maasai Magic

 •  December 27

It is good to have your own Maasai warrior as your new BFF when walking around Zanzibar.  The robes and tinkling bracelets and necklaces are one...

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Day 1 In Marrakech

 •  December 7

OK, so we were a bit concerned in the Marrakech airport when our driver was nowhere to be found. We  had no idea of the name or address of  Lisa...

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