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Biking with Cari

 •  April 15

One day Cari arived at fun SAMs.  Then we wock up. Then after we went to brecfiat we went biking with Cari.  We biked to the giggling tree.  We...

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Bamboo Rafting

 •  April 6

We did bamboo rafting cuz dad wanted to do it befor he left so we did it.  We got on the raft. The driver was using a stick of bamboo for moving the...

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Rocks of Nangyuan

 •  March 30

We went to nangyuan cuz we thout it wood be cool. there were lots of rules. no collectioning shells no feeding the fish no having plastic botles....

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Cooking Clas in Tieland

 •  March 27

We went to tideland and i got to do a cooking clas with mom ryan yve and wee. me and mom made pat see ew and we all made banana spying rolls. This is...

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 •  March 19

We went to Myanmar to see the tempols and the Buddhas and Wescott told me abat the story ov all the Buddhas wal we visssited the tempols in Myanmar....

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Ice creame in a tube

 •  March 18

We wer in bang kok and went to a mall to get some food we all got some food and at the end we went down stairs to get ice creame it endod up that it...

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tor uv our hochmin apartmint

 •  March 13

here a vidio of our hochmin apartmint. Mom’s favrit part was the londry room we als0 aded a vidio wen the kids wer in school.  

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Wenay’s Pool

 •  March 12

We went to Wenay [Mui Ne] with the roaming jones and we all went to the pool evry day and wood swim thare was a hot tub in the mitle of the pool...

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Red Sand Doons

 •  March 11

We went to Wenay [Mui Ne] and dasidid to go see the red sand doons we got to the red sand doons and we clibe a montin of red sand and then Jon and...

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Water Pupits

 •  February 22

In Hanoi, we went to a water pupit thiter and watched the pipit show. we saw Goldin dragons and we saw Qenes thar wer 8 of them.  we also saw men...

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