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The Orfinnig: My Perspective by Tuck

 •  February 17

We went to my orfinnig thar was this baby that woodint lec go of my hand and his name was Nam and I was holding him and I hope he gets odoptid. This...

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HowLong Bay

 •  February 13

This is our whole gang on the boat, 7 Sharples, 6 Roaming Jones and Mouni and Kim….on their honeymoon We went to the howlong bay we stoped at a...

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Vietnimis Food

 •  February 12

We went to a restrant. Otto and dad got a choclit  cake it came with a chariey and mint also ice cream.  Wescott got a dish of fruit the tipe of...

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Bobab Trees

 •  February 1

Bobab trees are from the consodins  Astalia and Africa. I saw a bobab tree wen we arrived in bagomoyo . On the safary  I saw a bobab tree war all...

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 •  January 16

Lions are a big cat. They are rillie scary. Allso they have rilli small ers. Lions eat meat Beceas it is Prowten. Lions legs are big Beceas a lions...

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Zanzibar Shells

 •  January 8

The beach in Zanzabare has really cool shells. Some shells are like a ice  creme cone. Some are pink. Some are butterfliz. Some are bron. Some are...

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baby chicks

 •  December 13

(IMAGE: Flamingo, Apricot and Scarface at the Riad) Wen everyone went to the market Rasha got  baby chicks. We named them aporcot, scarface and...

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Our Cat

 •  December 7

(Image: Jones drew this picture of Snickers) One day a cat came to our reode.  he was homeless. the cat was so swete we let them stay. we feed the...

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A tor of our apartmint in Pochecol

 •  November 24

Our apartmint  in Lisbon was so cool. Frederico was our hoste and owned the apartmint. He decerad with a brihgt couche and funciy art. Three was a...

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Tortuga = Turtle

 •  November 18

In our apartment we have a gardin thar is a tortuga.  The tortuga has a house it has water to it moves orond a lot.  The turtle looks likes an...

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