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Fig Newtons

 •  July 22

I was recently craving Fig Newtons. I woke up that first morning in Carmel to a kitchen full of grocery bags. All the counters had disappeared and it...

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Body Surfing with Indi

 •  July 19

I was getting tired of this useless back and forth. “Indi! Go in!” “No, you!” “I’ll go in when you go in.” “You go in first.” “No! How...

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 •  July 17

Along the length of the beach were fiery dots. The day had just bowed to night and in the dusting sky were bits and pieces of vibrant pinks, yellows,...

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Fishy Encounters

 •  July 14

The water was cold and I was dressed in goosebumps. I had been trailing a lone fish, weaving through the multicolored coral, over various sea...

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Surfing With The Green School

 •  July 9

It was a surf trip, but the surf’s not what I remember. That’s not to say that the waves weren’t decent, which they were. All I want is to give an...

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Art in Seminyak

 •  July 8

Mom and I were in Seminyak for the afternoon. Our outing began at the W Hotel where we pondered the art that was hanging, displayed, and painted...

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Hanging with the Joneses: Part 4

 •  July 6

I can see myself, three years old, peering around the corner of a wall.  This only lasts a couple seconds when the scene suddenly shifts and I’m eye...

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Bamboo Architecture

 •  July 3

To me bamboo was just another tree. It looked cool, but then again, lots of things look “cool”. And on this trip there are many such things. So...

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Snorkeling with Turtles in Gili Air, Indonesia

 •  June 23

I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to get itches on my back. Either way, I’m itchy, and it doesn’t help that my arms can’t reach over my shell....

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 •  June 21

On the other side of the wall, she could hear the soft drone of motorbikes’ engines as each took their turn speeding past her apartment complex and...

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