•  July 15

As I hover above the beautifully colored reef, I see hundreds of sea creatures traveling in schools or popping their heads out of their coral homes....

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Fishy Encounters

 •  July 14

The water was cold and I was dressed in goosebumps. I had been trailing a lone fish, weaving through the multicolored coral, over various sea...

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Horses of Gili

 •  July 4

We went to gili air iland which is part of lombok, indonesia and saw a lot horses.  If you tack a horses and buggy around the hole iland it only...

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Snorkeling with Turtles in Gili Air, Indonesia

 •  June 23

I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to get itches on my back. Either way, I’m itchy, and it doesn’t help that my arms can’t reach over my shell....

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Bali Bird Park

 •  June 22

For those that know me, you know I’ve been obsessed with birds since one day in 2nd grade when a kid named Joe brought his lovebird into school  for...

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 •  June 21

On the other side of the wall, she could hear the soft drone of motorbikes’ engines as each took their turn speeding past her apartment complex and...

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Monkey Forest: Part 2

 •  June 18

We went back to the monkey forest wlth kaarlna) Justln) hugs an gov. There werE thousands of monkeys there. babies too. Thls tlme we got To have...

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Heron Village

 •  June 9

We went to the heron village and saw a lot of herons.  Wal we wer walking to see the herons we saw people with pet roosters and mom sed if they get...

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Monkey Forest: Part 1

 •  June 6

we went to thea Monkey Forest in Ubud and saw Lots of monkeys.  oNe monkey took a guys water boTTle and started drink.  Davld sat next to a monkey...

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Twelve Cats

 •  May 20

We stayd at the box house at the great wall. There were twlve cats. It is good thlng daddy wasn’t there because he would start sneezing. But the...

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