Fuzzy Carpets

 •  July 20

Over the trip I’ve noticed something: there are no wall-to-wall carpeted floors pretty much anywhere. Especially fuzzy, plush carpeted floors. When...

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VIDEO: Tour of Canggu, Bali House

 •  July 13

Our house in Canggu was epic!  Not just because it was beautiful but because we were renting it with Kaarina, Justin, Hugs, Gov, Deborah, Dave, Ryan...

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Art in Seminyak

 •  July 8

Mom and I were in Seminyak for the afternoon. Our outing began at the W Hotel where we pondered the art that was hanging, displayed, and painted...

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 •  July 7

I take many things for granted about living in the United States.  Surely, only a small percentage of these subtle perks actually surfaced during...

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VIDEO TOUR: Our house ln penesttan, ubud, bali

 •  July 3

We stayed ln our house ln  penesttan, ubud, bali  for for 2 and a half months. it had an awesome pool and cool roof deek but it was super hot...

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Bamboo Architecture

 •  July 3

To me bamboo was just another tree. It looked cool, but then again, lots of things look “cool”. And on this trip there are many such things. So...

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Gardening Bali-Style

 •  June 1

Once in a while, I would walk into our garden at home on Mercer Island and think that my parents must be amazing garden visionaries to dream up this...

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VIDEO: Penestanan Steps

 •  May 28

We live in ubud, bali right now. thats in indonesia. there are too many steps.106. Sowetimes i don’t Like the steps because i gettoo sweaty but the...

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Twin towers of kulo lunpur [Kuala Lumpur]

 •  May 27

From ar hotel we had a perphict vuo of the twin towers.  They are mega big.  After they wer bilt in 1998 they wer the to0 tolest buildings in the...

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Oriental Pearl Tower

 •  May 25

Someone could categorize Shanghai as just another big city with a big population, tall buildings and pollution. Yes, it has all those things, but...

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