slver clas with carrot and broccoli

 •  July 10

Tuckie and Ii got to do Our omn slver  clas. We declded to wake carrot  and  broccoli. I got to use a weired typeq of hammer.  Tuckie used a saw...

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Art in Seminyak

 •  July 8

Mom and I were in Seminyak for the afternoon. Our outing began at the W Hotel where we pondered the art that was hanging, displayed, and painted...

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Bolinis Dancing [Balinese Dancing]

 •  June 17

In Boli we went to see bolinis dancing.  The dancing was so cool becaes the dancers wer like moving there eye in stoff.  They wer waring a very...

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Jewelry Making

 •  June 15

To say I was excited for Bali would be a complete understatement. From the way my parents nostalgically talked―highly praiseful and with child-like...

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Lerning How To Mack Offerings

 •  June 14

In Bali I lernd how to mack offerings.  To mack offerings you need cocnut leaves, flowers, a nif and scissors to cut the shaps, and a stapler and...

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The Bali Art Scene

 •  June 13

When pressed to answer the question as to the #1 reason why I love Bali so much, it would have to be the arts. Villages on the island developed years...

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Gardening Bali-Style

 •  June 1

Once in a while, I would walk into our garden at home on Mercer Island and think that my parents must be amazing garden visionaries to dream up this...

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Twin towers of kulo lunpur [Kuala Lumpur]

 •  May 27

From ar hotel we had a perphict vuo of the twin towers.  They are mega big.  After they wer bilt in 1998 they wer the to0 tolest buildings in the...

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Oriental Pearl Tower

 •  May 25

Someone could categorize Shanghai as just another big city with a big population, tall buildings and pollution. Yes, it has all those things, but...

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The Hutongs of Beijing

 •  May 18

We didn’t need to go far to see the city. In fact, we were right in the center of it all. We were wedged into one of the small alleyways that’s...

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