•  February 22

Big Sur is beautiful on its own, but when you combine it with a restaurant like Nepenthe, you create magic. Nepenthe is a large restaurant perched...

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Sudhiki en Cerdmeal [code for "Sushi in Carmel"]

 •  September 8

My favorite cuisine is sushi. In my opinion, good sushi is great food and great sushi is sheer awesome.  After eating at restaurants for the past...

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Fig Newtons

 •  July 22

I was recently craving Fig Newtons. I woke up that first morning in Carmel to a kitchen full of grocery bags. All the counters had disappeared and it...

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Fuzzy Carpets

 •  July 20

Over the trip I’ve noticed something: there are no wall-to-wall carpeted floors pretty much anywhere. Especially fuzzy, plush carpeted floors. When...

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Body Surfing with Indi

 •  July 19

I was getting tired of this useless back and forth. “Indi! Go in!” “No, you!” “I’ll go in when you go in.” “You go in first.” “No! How...

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Jet Lag

 •  July 18

Traveling to a new destination is always a struggle, especially when the destination you are traveling to has a three or more hour time...

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 •  July 17

Along the length of the beach were fiery dots. The day had just bowed to night and in the dusting sky were bits and pieces of vibrant pinks, yellows,...

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The Airplane Window

 •  July 16

I just woke up from a short nap and peered out of my airplane window. Initially the harsh light blinded and dazed me, but as my eyes adjusted a...

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