Tech, Glorious Tech!

 •  September 1

The trip is done. We’ve made it home. And, unbelievably, almost all of the technology paraphernalia we left Mercer Island with made it back home with...

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Hub in Ubud… Hubud!

 •  June 20

There is an energy found in Ubud that is not quite the same as anywhere else we have traveled this year. It’s not necessarily an energy vortex,...

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Home Near the Equator

 •  June 2

In the early morning light, the vibrant green from the cascading rice paddies surrounding the stone pathway snaking up the ridge has a Wizard of Oz,...

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Serendipity in Guiping

 •  May 13

She came at dinner. Though without Sam, our host and guide, we were left sitting, confused as ever, feeling sorry for this poor lady as she tried...

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In the Mood for Some Mood Food

 •  May 9

Mood Food: the name now conjures up heartfelt memories of creamy cashew milk, flavorful miso soup, and warmhearted goodness. Mood Food possessed a...

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Nobody’s More Fun Than Sam!

 •  May 8

It was over a year ago that we honed in on Yangshuo, China as a place to visit and spend a month of Project Equator. It was close to Guiping, the...

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Carving With Your Feet

 •  May 4

Yes another blog post about Morocco, but its because we missed some things on the blog that just couldn’t be left behind, like carving with your feet...

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Piercing The Bubble

 •  April 13

We all live in bubbles to some respect, operating our daily existence in a relatively finite collection of sets and routines. Our family plays out...

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Hanging with the Joneses: Part 3

 •  March 31

Since my past two blog posts have been on the more serious side, I decided I should lighten things up a bit, so this post will be about Ryan Jones...

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Balloons Over Bagan

 •  March 22

If there’s one thing that I get enough of on this trip, I can assure you that it’s not water. When you have to buy bottled water way down at the...

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