Bamboo Architecture

 •  July 3

To me bamboo was just another tree. It looked cool, but then again, lots of things look “cool”. And on this trip there are many such things. So...

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Hub in Ubud… Hubud!

 •  June 20

There is an energy found in Ubud that is not quite the same as anywhere else we have traveled this year. It’s not necessarily an energy vortex,...

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 •  January 11

Ever since Banana Republic first opened its doors in the late 70s, inspired by the safari jeep “crashing through” the plate glass display window...

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Infectious Entrepreneurship

 •  December 21

I have a new idea for a business school… Just spend a year interning in the Souks of Marrakech and you’ll get all the sales, accounting, negotiation,...

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