Bali Volcano and the Goblin Under the Broccoli Tree

 •  June 19

Just the idea of waking up at 2 am made me yawn, let alone actually waking up at 2 am and climbing a volcano. But, it’s a good thing my dad is...

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VIDEO: Walking To The Supermarket in Bali

 •  June 3

When we walk to the superwarket, there ls a shortcut so you don’t  have to go own the stairs. It ls a funky walkway and You can fall off EiTher Slde....

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VIDEO: Penestanan Steps

 •  May 28

We live in ubud, bali right now. thats in indonesia. there are too many steps.106. Sowetimes i don’t Like the steps because i gettoo sweaty but the...

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Biking To and From Tai Chi

 •  May 14

Twice a week, during our month long stint in Yangshuo, Wescott, Yve, Otto and I got to bike into the countryside, to a small farming village to take...

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Red Sand Doons

 •  March 11

We went to Wenay [Mui Ne] and dasidid to go see the red sand doons we got to the red sand doons and we clibe a montin of red sand and then Jon and...

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i love camels!

 •  December 13

I got  to ride a camel 2 times. 1 time in the desert and 1time at the beach. My camel in the desert was named Philip. My camel on the beach was...

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Canyoneering in Crete: Sarakina Gorge

 •  October 24

Crete is a surprising place. With so much coastline, the beaches, views, and entrances and exits of the sun offer fulgent experiences at every turn....

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Parthenon Solitude: had it to ourselves for a brief moment!!

 •  October 9

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