•  February 22

Big Sur is beautiful on its own, but when you combine it with a restaurant like Nepenthe, you create magic. Nepenthe is a large restaurant perched...

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Bottle Opener Collection

 •  September 4

Throughout the trip I collected bottle openers. Why? Initially, I collected them because, well, why not? However, as my collection grew with every...

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 •  July 21

“I talked yesterday about caring, I care about these moldy old riding gloves. I smile at them flying through the breeze beside me because they have...

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Fuzzy Carpets

 •  July 20

Over the trip I’ve noticed something: there are no wall-to-wall carpeted floors pretty much anywhere. Especially fuzzy, plush carpeted floors. When...

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Body Surfing with Indi

 •  July 19

I was getting tired of this useless back and forth. “Indi! Go in!” “No, you!” “I’ll go in when you go in.” “You go in first.” “No! How...

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The Airplane Window

 •  July 16

I just woke up from a short nap and peered out of my airplane window. Initially the harsh light blinded and dazed me, but as my eyes adjusted a...

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Fishy Encounters

 •  July 14

The water was cold and I was dressed in goosebumps. I had been trailing a lone fish, weaving through the multicolored coral, over various sea...

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Hello/Goodbye Kuala Lumpur

 •  July 12

My vow of silence began the second we hit the tarmac in Kuala Lumpur. I undertook this vow because I wanted to “mentally prepare” myself for...

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Water Bom

 •  July 11

We went to Changoo and went to this riley fun water park coled Water Bom thar wer Riley fun tubs and slides.  Me and my family and my consens...

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slver clas with carrot and broccoli

 •  July 10

Tuckie and Ii got to do Our omn slver  clas. We declded to wake carrot  and  broccoli. I got to use a weired typeq of hammer.  Tuckie used a saw...

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