Tech, Glorious Tech!

 •  September 1

The trip is done. We’ve made it home. And, unbelievably, almost all of the technology paraphernalia we left Mercer Island with made it back home with...

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 •  July 21

“I talked yesterday about caring, I care about these moldy old riding gloves. I smile at them flying through the breeze beside me because they have...

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The Airplane Window

 •  July 16

I just woke up from a short nap and peered out of my airplane window. Initially the harsh light blinded and dazed me, but as my eyes adjusted a...

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Hello/Goodbye Kuala Lumpur

 •  July 12

My vow of silence began the second we hit the tarmac in Kuala Lumpur. I undertook this vow because I wanted to “mentally prepare” myself for...

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 •  July 7

I take many things for granted about living in the United States.  Surely, only a small percentage of these subtle perks actually surfaced during...

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Welcome Home?

 •  July 5

Homesickness hit me almost immediately.  I stared out the window, feebly watching as the transcendent skyline of Seattle slowly drifted from my oval...

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VIDEO: Jones Flight Attendant

 •  June 12

When i get on a plane i pay reaLLy cLoss attention to the flight aTTendendent. I wostly sit on the side not near the window. my favorite part is when...

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Balancing Stuff On Your Head

 •  June 10

PeopLE are reaLLY GoodAT BALANG stuFF oN thelr heaD they prActlcE practlce practice. i saw an lady balancing A huge Bag on her head in Morocco and in...

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 •  June 7

The conversation follows a familiar pattern each time we meet someone new on this trip….where are you guys from? Are these ALL your kids? How long are...

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Shaving My Legs

 •  June 4

There’s no way of describing the much-too-near-ending of Project Equator, other than simply wanting to go but not wanting to leave. But even that...

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