Bolinis Dancing [Balinese Dancing]

 •  June 17

In Boli we went to see bolinis dancing.  The dancing was so cool becaes the dancers wer like moving there eye in stoff.  They wer waring a very...

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An Epic Stage Walt Himself Would Be Envious Of!

 •  April 5

Yangshuo and the word epic just go together. This place is like a love child between Yosemite, California and Krabi, Thailand, with spectacular...

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 •  November 20

Flamenco dancers  have lad shos because they stomp their feet.   They have pretty dresses wif white poca dots. Some  dresses are penc, red, and...

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Spanish Guitar Music

 •  November 8

It was a normal day in Barcelona. We were walking through the streets—the light emanating in sporadic, awkward places, the walls sagging from the...

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