Body Surfing with Indi

 •  July 19

I was getting tired of this useless back and forth. “Indi! Go in!” “No, you!” “I’ll go in when you go in.” “You go in first.” “No! How...

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Surfing With The Green School

 •  July 9

It was a surf trip, but the surf’s not what I remember. That’s not to say that the waves weren’t decent, which they were. All I want is to give an...

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Surfing Bali

 •  June 16

Any surfer would kill for a trip to Bali and we are lucky enough to get to do  it.  I’m probably not the one of many surfers that deserved to be...

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I’m NOT NOT going to write a blog post about Portugal

 •  February 4

I guess you could say that I’m “behind the eight ball” when it comes to blogging nowadays. (My mother’s exact words) What can I tell you? Other...

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Kiteboarding: Otto’s Perspective

 •  December 30

We completely stumbled into one of the world’s best kiteboarding spots, especially for beginners. We had a small knowing that Zanzibar had...

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Kiteboarding: PopPop’s Perspective

 •  December 29

For those of a certain age, or of a peculiar ability for remembering country and western song titles, consider my twist on: “I fought the kite-and the...

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Surfing Morocco in Essaouira

 •  December 21

Continuing the tour of waves across the world, our Cleanline representatives Wescott, Yve and Otto braved the shores of Essaouira, Morocco. Lead by...

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Surfing Portugal

 •  November 26

Not realizing it till we were in Seville, our next destination would be our best surfing yet. Ericeira, Portugal (Where we went) is marked the world...

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Surfing BCN

 •  November 5

Our second surfing destination came up, and luckily, we only had a five minute walk from our apartment to the beach. A hip new surf shop opened up 3...

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Hang Ten Crete!

 •  October 17

One would think that Crete is a paradisiacal home where surfers abound. Alas, that wasn’t exactly the case. It seemed to be that surfing was an...

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