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I’ve figured out that we’ve mentioned the Oxford Creamery more than any other restaurant on Project Equator and it deserves its own post.

I’ve left Mattapoisett after successfully consuming two and a half pints of lobster meat along with a significant amount of fries. I have to thank the Oxford Creamery for my success, for their lobster rolls are second to none and highly addicting. One may assume that I got sick of lobster rolls after eating them for five days straight, but it’s actually quite the opposite. I’m still craving the utter pleasure of the Oxford Creamery lobster roll, for nothing else brings me the same unique tastes. I wish we had an Oxford Creamery in Seattle because any time I’m feeling a little bit down, I could have Mom just drive on over and I could scarf down a couple lobster rolls. I never appreciated the raw power that the Oxford Creamery held because my taste buds hadn’t quite matured, but with a year of traveling under my belt,  I understand why my parents constantly obsess about the Oxford Creamery lobster roll.

While we were in Mattpoisett, Terry and PopPop arranged a party with an exclusive visit by the Oxford Creamery, Oxcart, which is their version of a food truck.  This was encouraged partly by Wescott’s Great Wall Of China Blog Post with his wise comment: “My eyes have sampled holy lobster rolls from the Mattapoisett Oxford Creamery, and now just roll their eyes (pun intended) whenever you say, ‘We’re going to go down to the xyz restaurant and get some lobster rolls.’”    The Oxcart is a small trailer hauled by a pickup truck that holds a great amount of cargo considering it’s size. The Oxcart set up shop in Terry & PopPop’s driveway and we had a bash with all the blog followers that were on the east coast.  So there I sat, on my grandparents’ deck, enjoying my lobster roll and fries while looking out to Cape Cod across the wide Buzzard’s Bay.  It was at that moment that I finally understood that while I saw many things traveling,  it still can’t get much better than enjoying time with family and friends with a lobster roll in hand (and mouth) :)

Mom and Dad hanging out in the Oxcart :)

Mom and Dad hanging out in the Oxcart :)





Mom, Dad and Yve with Mom's cousin John, Aunt Muffin and my great-grandmother, Grandfan!

Mom, Dad and Yve with Mom’s cousin John, Aunt Muffin and my great-grandmother, Grandfan!


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    Dear Sharples Family,

    We are a family of two parents and two kids ages 10 and 13. We are about to depart on a family gap almost-year (10 months) starting July 20, 2015. We’ve all enjoyed your blog very much; you’ve become celebrities to us. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    We live in Kent, WA. We recently discovered that my nephew, Theo Copley, attends school with Yve!

    We have a couple of questions and wondered if you had time to give us some advice:
    1. Any advice for how to best prepare for the transition home after the trip?
    2. You packed sleeping bags, did they come in handy?
    3. Any advice for how to celebrate kids’ birthdays on the trip?
    4. Our oldest daughter is 13, any advice for how to meet her social needs while traveling?

    Thank you so much.

    Anna Copley, David Johnson and Ella and Olivia Johnson

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      Hi Johnson Family! So sorry we didn’t see this until now…it got caught in spam :( Would love to read your blog if you have one and meet you guys when you get home! xoxo! The Sharples

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        Hi Sharples Family,

        Thanks for contacting us! We’ve been traveling now for over 6 months and are currently at Ko Samui, Thailand. The trip is better than we could have ever hoped. Our blog is

        I wondered if you had any advice on the transition back home? We will be back in Seattle on May 15, 2016. Any advice for us as we enter the last quarter of our trip?

        Thank you again for helping inspire us in our trip planning. One place we are going to try to stay at is the Box House in China.

        Best, Anna and David, Ella & Olivia

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