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slver clas with carrot and broccoli

 •  July 10

Tuckie and Ii got to do Our omn slver  clas. We declded to wake carrot  and  broccoli. I got to use a weired typeq of hammer.  Tuckie used a saw...

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VIDEO TOUR: Our house ln penesttan, ubud, bali

 •  July 3

We stayed ln our house ln  penesttan, ubud, bali  for for 2 and a half months. it had an awesome pool and cool roof deek but it was super hot...

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Monkey Forest: Part 2

 •  June 18

We went back to the monkey forest wlth kaarlna) Justln) hugs an gov. There werE thousands of monkeys there. babies too. Thls tlme we got To have...

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VIDEO: Jones Flight Attendant

 •  June 12

When i get on a plane i pay reaLLy cLoss attention to the flight aTTendendent. I wostly sit on the side not near the window. my favorite part is when...

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Balancing Stuff On Your Head

 •  June 10

PeopLE are reaLLY GoodAT BALANG stuFF oN thelr heaD they prActlcE practlce practice. i saw an lady balancing A huge Bag on her head in Morocco and in...

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Monkey Forest: Part 1

 •  June 6

we went to thea Monkey Forest in Ubud and saw Lots of monkeys.  oNe monkey took a guys water boTTle and started drink.  Davld sat next to a monkey...

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VIDEO: Walking To The Supermarket in Bali

 •  June 3

When we walk to the superwarket, there ls a shortcut so you don’t  have to go own the stairs. It ls a funky walkway and You can fall off EiTher Slde....

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VIDEO: Penestanan Steps

 •  May 28

We live in ubud, bali right now. thats in indonesia. there are too many steps.106. Sowetimes i don’t Like the steps because i gettoo sweaty but the...

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fashon day in shanghi

 •  May 24

At fashon day we got to see  lot of clothes. Tuckie  got shorts. I got a  shirt with a hawburger on it. OttO got shorts too. Yve  got  ajacket....

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Twelve Cats

 •  May 20

We stayd at the box house at the great wall. There were twlve cats. It is good thlng daddy wasn’t there because he would start sneezing. But the...

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