•  July 15

As I hover above the beautifully colored reef, I see hundreds of sea creatures traveling in schools or popping their heads out of their coral homes....

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Fishy Encounters

 •  July 14

The water was cold and I was dressed in goosebumps. I had been trailing a lone fish, weaving through the multicolored coral, over various sea...

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Bali Volcano and the Goblin Under the Broccoli Tree

 •  June 19

Just the idea of waking up at 2 am made me yawn, let alone actually waking up at 2 am and climbing a volcano. But, it’s a good thing my dad is...

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Monkey Forest: Part 1

 •  June 6

we went to thea Monkey Forest in Ubud and saw Lots of monkeys.  oNe monkey took a guys water boTTle and started drink.  Davld sat next to a monkey...

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Reflections on Sintra, Portugal

 •  May 5

Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro was a simple entomologist who had inherited a huge fortune. To extend his wealth he set out to become quite an...

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A Week in Yangshuo, China

 •  May 5

When we first arrived in Yangshuo I immediately felt awed, enlightened, and inspired: awed by the mysticism of the ethereal karsts, enlightened that...

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The Karsts Of Yangshuo

 •  April 21

We arrived in Yangshuo, China, late at night, after a long bus ride from Guilin.  Everybody was asleep and exhausted from spending far too much time...

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Thinking of Marrakech: Majorelle Gardens

 •  April 14

I hopped off the horse drawn carriage, feeling like royalty, and approached the garden. As I peeked over the tall brick wall, I saw bamboo towering...

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Bamboo Rafting

 •  April 6

We did bamboo rafting cuz dad wanted to do it befor he left so we did it.  We got on the raft. The driver was using a stick of bamboo for moving the...

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An Epic Stage Walt Himself Would Be Envious Of!

 •  April 5

Yangshuo and the word epic just go together. This place is like a love child between Yosemite, California and Krabi, Thailand, with spectacular...

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