•  April 7

Amerlcan money ls green. The flrst  country we went To is italy thelr money ls the euro.  Greece And spaln have the euro   Too.  morocco...

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BEST AWARDS: Accommodations…So Far! :)

 •  March 15

As we depart from Vietnam, we have officially completed half of our year long journey around the world. In some ways it has flown by, yet it seems...

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Cash is KING in Zanzibar

 •  January 9

From the airport near Stonetown to our spot perfectly named, “Crazy Mzungos,” takes over an hour by taxi bus. The price, however, changes as often as...

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Happy Birthday to Our Best Bud Money Mikes!

 •  November 15

There were supposed to be flamingo dancers and a group of Japanese tourists that say “Happy Birthday Michael.” But I spaced out and forgot to put them...

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Tuck Gave Me A Million Dollars!!

 •  September 4

For obvious reasons, there has been a ton of discussions in our house lately about money, finances and the budget in general. This is not a bad...

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Anyone looking to buy a Honda Minivan or VW Bug Convertible? :)

 •  August 14

We own 4 cars. Seems silly with only 2 drivers but people moving is a complicated thing when you have 5 kids, 2 adults and 3 dogs. Luckily the birds...

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 •  August 12

With 3 weeks and 6 days before we leave, we are buried in TODOs!  It is ridiculous!  And just like Gretchen, the mom of The Roaming Jones,...

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