•  July 21

“I talked yesterday about caring, I care about these moldy old riding gloves. I smile at them flying through the breeze beside me because they have...

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slver clas with carrot and broccoli

 •  July 10

Tuckie and Ii got to do Our omn slver  clas. We declded to wake carrot  and  broccoli. I got to use a weired typeq of hammer.  Tuckie used a saw...

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Jewelry Making

 •  June 15

To say I was excited for Bali would be a complete understatement. From the way my parents nostalgically talked―highly praiseful and with child-like...

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fashon day in shanghi

 •  May 24

At fashon day we got to see  lot of clothes. Tuckie  got shorts. I got a  shirt with a hawburger on it. OttO got shorts too. Yve  got  ajacket....

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Tailor Made in Hoi An, Vietnam!

 •  March 9

There is no place in the world quite like Hoi An, Vietnam. The lanterns are magical! And the street are lined with beautiful pagodas and amazing...

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AlidabA Pants

 •  March 6

I really like alidabA pants. I got my firt pair nin morocco. Then I had some made in vietnam. Then I got some more in myanmar with eledhatns. I have...

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 •  February 10

Kla, Sam, tuck, daddy, marqus and me got tattoos. They were not real, just henna. I Liked it so much, I want to get another one! Me getting my...

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My T-shirt Collection So Far

 •  January 16

I know a t-shirt collection might not sound like the most fascination collection ever, but there is a number of things that I can make out of this...

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Wedding Dresses

 •  November 22

We  saw  fake girls  wearing lots  of  wedding dresses. They  were  wearing dragging dresses and wedding veils. Seville  has  the best...

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