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Hanging with the Joneses: Part 3

 •  March 31

Since my past two blog posts have been on the more serious side, I decided I should lighten things up a bit, so this post will be about Ryan Jones...

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Rocks of Nangyuan

 •  March 30

We went to nangyuan cuz we thout it wood be cool. there were lots of rules. no collectioning shells no feeding the fish no having plastic botles....

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SCUBA in Koh Tao

 •  March 29

As soon as we settled into Koh Tao, we realized that we were in a prime scuba/snorkeling area. We didn’t necessarily come because this was the prime...

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Fizz & The Mat Bar Lifestyle

 •  March 28

If you’re searching for a simpler lifestyle, then just take a page from Koh Tao. Once you ditch your shoes and become eternally attached to the sea,...

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Fru i t

 •  March 28

There  is   A lot  of  we  ird  fru  i  t  on  this  trip.  Theres  mangosteen, Poweeo, Longan  And  Snakefruit.  i  still li  ke...

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Cooking Clas in Tieland

 •  March 27

We went to tideland and i got to do a cooking clas with mom ryan yve and wee. me and mom made pat see ew and we all made banana spying rolls. This is...

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 •  March 26

As we beebop from country to country, we notice that every location we go to has a different form of transportation that has adapted to that specific...

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A Day With Elephants

 •  March 25

We rode elephants .they are mega big and have lots of meat  in them. I rode with wescott And our elephant  was pretty nicf. I liked when he laid...

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Chiang Mai Nightlife

 •  March 24

If you haven’t already satiated your hunger for epic shopping in Hoi An, Vietnam, then go on over a few borders to the west and you’ll find Thailand....

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ေက်းဇူးတန္ပါတယ Myanmar!

 •  March 23

After failing to get VISAs in Hanoi for Myanmar, we almost canceled the Myanmar leg of our trip. But Etienne urged us to go and said “you gotta go...

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