Water Bom

 •  July 11

We went to Changoo and went to this riley fun water park coled Water Bom thar wer Riley fun tubs and slides.  Me and my family and my consens...

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Bali Volcano and the Goblin Under the Broccoli Tree

 •  June 19

Just the idea of waking up at 2 am made me yawn, let alone actually waking up at 2 am and climbing a volcano. But, it’s a good thing my dad is...

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Surfing Bali

 •  June 16

Any surfer would kill for a trip to Bali and we are lucky enough to get to do  it.  I’m probably not the one of many surfers that deserved to be...

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Biking To and From Mood Food in Yangshuo

 •  May 15

If you have read previous posts, you know that we went to Mood Food Energy Cafe EVERYDAY for lunch for a month!  But biking to Mood Food was the...

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Biking To and From Tai Chi

 •  May 14

Twice a week, during our month long stint in Yangshuo, Wescott, Yve, Otto and I got to bike into the countryside, to a small farming village to take...

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Exhale & Release

 •  May 3

9:30 am Mechanically, the yoga mats are dismembered from the shelves. One by one each unfold to reveal its green, lengthy body. Rain drops make their...

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Tai Chi and Bacon

 •  May 1

In the countryside of Yangshuo, sat a Tai Chi school with two Tai Chi masters chilling, and teaching Tai Chi. One day the Sharples family decided to...

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Biking with Cari

 •  April 15

One day Cari arived at fun SAMs.  Then we wock up. Then after we went to brecfiat we went biking with Cari.  We biked to the giggling tree.  We...

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Bamboo Rafting

 •  April 6

We did bamboo rafting cuz dad wanted to do it befor he left so we did it.  We got on the raft. The driver was using a stick of bamboo for moving the...

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SCUBA in Koh Tao

 •  March 29

As soon as we settled into Koh Tao, we realized that we were in a prime scuba/snorkeling area. We didn’t necessarily come because this was the prime...

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