Shaving My Legs

 •  June 4

There’s no way of describing the much-too-near-ending of Project Equator, other than simply wanting to go but not wanting to leave. But even that...

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12th Man Seahawks Party!

 •  February 2

We are having a blast watching the Seattle Seahawks TROUNCE the Broncos at an awesome early morning breakfast Super Bowl party at our old apartment...

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The Corybantic Quest for Coconuts

 •  January 15

Is there anything more maddening than a big, ripe piece of fruit hanging just out of reach? “If only it would just fall. I wish I wasn’t so short. Are...

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Underwater Artist: Stephane Braud

 •  December 14

Right around the corner of our Riad, sits an art gallery which never seemed to be open on our first few days of Morocco. But when it was, it blew all...

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i love camels!

 •  December 13

I got  to ride a camel 2 times. 1 time in the desert and 1time at the beach. My camel in the desert was named Philip. My camel on the beach was...

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The Seductive Sahara Desert

 •  December 10

Camel trekking and camping in the Sahara Desert sounds so exotic…and it is! It was so cool and so surreal at the same time that it has been too...

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Day 1 In Marrakech

 •  December 7

OK, so we were a bit concerned in the Marrakech airport when our driver was nowhere to be found. We  had no idea of the name or address of  Lisa...

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

 •  November 28

We’d like to say how thankful we are for all of our family, friends, acquaintances – and anyone else who’s reading this – who are accompanying us on our...

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Surfing Portugal

 •  November 26

Not realizing it till we were in Seville, our next destination would be our best surfing yet. Ericeira, Portugal (Where we went) is marked the world...

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Ham is a culture

 •  November 14

The sun is shining exuberantly while down below in the southwestern part of Spain black Iberian pigs are roaming lazily about satiating their hunger...

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