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Water Bom

 •  July 11

We went to Changoo and went to this riley fun water park coled Water Bom thar wer Riley fun tubs and slides.  Me and my family and my consens...

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Hanging with the Joneses: Part 4

 •  July 6

I can see myself, three years old, peering around the corner of a wall.  This only lasts a couple seconds when the scene suddenly shifts and I’m eye...

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Monkey Forest: Part 1

 •  June 6

we went to thea Monkey Forest in Ubud and saw Lots of monkeys.  oNe monkey took a guys water boTTle and started drink.  Davld sat next to a monkey...

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Serendipity in Guiping

 •  May 13

She came at dinner. Though without Sam, our host and guide, we were left sitting, confused as ever, feeling sorry for this poor lady as she tried...

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Nobody’s More Fun Than Sam!

 •  May 8

It was over a year ago that we honed in on Yangshuo, China as a place to visit and spend a month of Project Equator. It was close to Guiping, the...

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A Week in Yangshuo, China

 •  May 5

When we first arrived in Yangshuo I immediately felt awed, enlightened, and inspired: awed by the mysticism of the ethereal karsts, enlightened that...

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Biking with Cari

 •  April 15

One day Cari arived at fun SAMs.  Then we wock up. Then after we went to brecfiat we went biking with Cari.  We biked to the giggling tree.  We...

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Hanging with the Joneses: Part 3

 •  March 31

Since my past two blog posts have been on the more serious side, I decided I should lighten things up a bit, so this post will be about Ryan Jones...

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Picture Perfect

 •  March 19

We take a lot of pictures. Just past halftime for Project Equator, our family has collectively snapped over 40,000 digital images, over 500 gigabytes...

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Roaming With the Jones

 •  March 1

In Part II of our “Hanging with the Jones’” series, we give you the original Roaming Jones Family. While all the Jones tribe members we know in...

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