The Plants

The rocks of Komos are covered with mainly three types of flora: Carolline algae, Red algae (Rhodophyta), and Chlorophyta. These three plants make up the base for all our ecosystem’s food web. They adapted to our ecosystem because they have to grow about 5ft away from the cliffside in order to receive enough sunlight to live. Another unique attribute is that they are have grown very short and stout instead of leafing out in all directions. This keeps them from being destroyed by the occasionally menacing tides that duke it out in Komos Beach.

Carolline Algae Rhodophyta Chlorophyta
carolline algae chloro algae rhodophyto


Lastly probably the most unique thing about our entire ecosystem is Neptune Balls. If you have ever visited the Mediterranean, then you too may have encountered these minuscule coffee-colored orbs. Neptune Balls are a type of seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea and are relatively rare to find. The balls are a product of another type of plant commonly referred to as, you guessed it, Neptune Grass. Both the Neptune Balls and Grass provide a delicious and nutritious meal for the majority of the fish in our ecosystem. However, besides being a convenient and unique snack, Neptune Balls are mold-resistant, non-flammable, rot-resistant, and, who knew, they make for outstanding building insulation!

Neptune Balls Neptune Grass
neptuneballs Posidonia-oceanica-Neptune-Grass1