Tech, Glorious Tech!

 •  September 1

The trip is done. We’ve made it home. And, unbelievably, almost all of the technology paraphernalia we left Mercer Island with made it back home with...

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What We Couldn’t Live Without

 •  July 2

Every member of Project Equator has some special thing that they shoved in their bag at the beginning of the trip and later found that it was the...

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The Ultimate Pair of Underwear!

 •  September 6

Is it possible to find comfortable non-cotton underwear? C’mon we were all thinking it! In fact we had so many comments about non-cotton underwear on...

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Last Garden Bounty!

 •  September 5

Tuck and Jones decided it was harvest day as we count down the hours to departure… With all the craziness, we didn’t do our usual vegetable...

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Safari & Binoculars

 •  August 31

As we finalized the details for our safari in Tanzania in January it dawned on us…”WE NEED 7 PAIRS OF BINOCULARS!!!”  Yikes! You can’t...

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Bye, Bye Bug!

 •  August 30

Our good friend, Gail, is the proud owner of our convertible VW Beetle!  She picked it up today and looked fabulous driving it out of the...

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Mail & Cleaning out Closets

 •  August 25

On top of all the other TODOs that we still need to complete in the next 15 days (YIKES!) we also have to get our house ready for our friends to move...

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 •  August 20

Power as in energy, not political or social power One of the great challenges of international travel is power cords, battery life, global AC...

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Packing Day!

 •  August 15

We committed to ourselves that we would be PACKED by 8-15-13!  This means everything clean, organized and put in luggage by tomorrow!  If we pull...

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Luggage !?!

 •  August 6

A lot of people have been asking us what luggage we are bringing on our trip so I thought I would do a post about it.  After all, it does end up...

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