VIDEO: Tour of Canggu, Bali House

 •  July 13

Our house in Canggu was epic!  Not just because it was beautiful but because we were renting it with Kaarina, Justin, Hugs, Gov, Deborah, Dave, Ryan...

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Water Bom

 •  July 11

We went to Changoo and went to this riley fun water park coled Water Bom thar wer Riley fun tubs and slides.  Me and my family and my consens...

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slver clas with carrot and broccoli

 •  July 10

Tuckie and Ii got to do Our omn slver  clas. We declded to wake carrot  and  broccoli. I got to use a weired typeq of hammer.  Tuckie used a saw...

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Surfing With The Green School

 •  July 9

It was a surf trip, but the surf’s not what I remember. That’s not to say that the waves weren’t decent, which they were. All I want is to give an...

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Art in Seminyak

 •  July 8

Mom and I were in Seminyak for the afternoon. Our outing began at the W Hotel where we pondered the art that was hanging, displayed, and painted...

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 •  July 7

I take many things for granted about living in the United States.  Surely, only a small percentage of these subtle perks actually surfaced during...

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Hanging with the Joneses: Part 4

 •  July 6

I can see myself, three years old, peering around the corner of a wall.  This only lasts a couple seconds when the scene suddenly shifts and I’m eye...

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Horses of Gili

 •  July 4

We went to gili air iland which is part of lombok, indonesia and saw a lot horses.  If you tack a horses and buggy around the hole iland it only...

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VIDEO TOUR: Our house ln penesttan, ubud, bali

 •  July 3

We stayed ln our house ln  penesttan, ubud, bali  for for 2 and a half months. it had an awesome pool and cool roof deek but it was super hot...

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Snorkeling with Turtles in Gili Air, Indonesia

 •  June 23

I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to get itches on my back. Either way, I’m itchy, and it doesn’t help that my arms can’t reach over my shell....

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