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Moving into the Barri Gotic Neighborhood with the Sharples

 •  October 31

(PHOTO: Jones and Tuck enjoying the rooftop pool at the Mercer Barcelona) Late in the summer, I was having coffee with Cliff at our local Mercer...

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Barcelona Graffiti

 •  October 30

Graffiti is serious ART in this town and it is everywhere!!  We thought the graffiti in Athens was cool, but in Barri Gotic, it is like nothing we...

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Park Güell

 •  October 28

A big part of why my parents decided to disentangle us from our routine, conventional lives and haul us across the globe for a year is so we could...

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The Art of Irrationality

 •  October 27

Everyone has collected something from some time or another. Some people collect rare Pokémon cards. Others expensive sports cars. And you may even...

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 •  October 26

On our second day in Barcelona we found Eyescream. They put googley eyes on their ice creams. My favorite flavor is cookies and cream. My toppings...

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Γειά σας Crete!

 •  October 25

If Santorini is a Fran’s chocolate, then Crete is organic cocoa powder.  Santorini is refined and packaged with a perfect bow for all visitors....

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Canyoneering in Crete: Sarakina Gorge

 •  October 24

Crete is a surprising place. With so much coastline, the beaches, views, and entrances and exits of the sun offer fulgent experiences at every turn....

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Caper Leaves!

 •  October 21

(IMAGE: caper leaves are the heart shaped leaves on the left side of the plate) In the midst of the planning process for this trip, we came up with a...

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Ecology, Project: Interactive Komos Beach

 •  October 20

  A compelling and biodiverse ecosystem nestled into the exquisite Cretan coastline. Whether you are my Biology teacher, family member, or friend,...

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Neptoon Balls

 •  October 19

One day we went to komos beach.  We have never ben to that beach be for.  Wen we got to the beach we saw these wirde looking balls. Thay look like...

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