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VIDEO: Tour of Canggu, Bali House

 •  July 13

Our house in Canggu was epic!  Not just because it was beautiful but because we were renting it with Kaarina, Justin, Hugs, Gov, Deborah, Dave, Ryan...

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The Bali Art Scene

 •  June 13

When pressed to answer the question as to the #1 reason why I love Bali so much, it would have to be the arts. Villages on the island developed years...

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 •  June 7

The conversation follows a familiar pattern each time we meet someone new on this trip….where are you guys from? Are these ALL your kids? How long are...

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再见 (zài jiàn) China!

 •  May 26

The first time Cliff and I were fortunate enough to visit China was in October 2001. We were traveling with 18 other families from the USA to go and...

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Tour Of The Great Wall Box House

 •  May 22

We stayed at the Great wall Box House for 5 nights in the picturesque village of Gubeikou.  Most people stay for 1 night as a side trip from...

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 •  May 19

We have all heard about the extreme pollution in China. The story hits the news once or twice a month with shocking statistics attached to it. So...

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Biking To and From Mood Food in Yangshuo

 •  May 15

If you have read previous posts, you know that we went to Mood Food Energy Cafe EVERYDAY for lunch for a month!  But biking to Mood Food was the...

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Biking To and From Tai Chi

 •  May 14

Twice a week, during our month long stint in Yangshuo, Wescott, Yve, Otto and I got to bike into the countryside, to a small farming village to take...

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Nobody’s More Fun Than Sam!

 •  May 8

It was over a year ago that we honed in on Yangshuo, China as a place to visit and spend a month of Project Equator. It was close to Guiping, the...

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The Karsts Of Yangshuo

 •  April 21

We arrived in Yangshuo, China, late at night, after a long bus ride from Guilin.  Everybody was asleep and exhausted from spending far too much time...

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