•  February 24

I’ve figured out that we’ve mentioned the Oxford Creamery more than any other restaurant on Project Equator and it deserves its own post. I’ve...

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 •  February 22

Big Sur is beautiful on its own, but when you combine it with a restaurant like Nepenthe, you create magic. Nepenthe is a large restaurant perched...

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Sudhiki en Cerdmeal [code for "Sushi in Carmel"]

 •  September 8

My favorite cuisine is sushi. In my opinion, good sushi is great food and great sushi is sheer awesome.  After eating at restaurants for the past...

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Fig Newtons

 •  July 22

I was recently craving Fig Newtons. I woke up that first morning in Carmel to a kitchen full of grocery bags. All the counters had disappeared and it...

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Breakfast Around The World

 •  June 12

On one of our many walks through the hutongs of Beijing I struck up a conversation with Mom on all the different breakfasts we’ve had in all the...

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 •  June 8

Ever since our Mood Food addiction in Yangshuo, China, the Sharples Clan has been looking for healthy alternatives.  Once we arrived in Ubud, the...

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The Art of Water

 •  June 5

As a family, we’ve all come to appreciate the value of clean water, hot or cold, that flows so effortlessly and copiously from our various faucets...

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Snakefruit & Math With Seeds

 •  May 30

My mom and dad are epcsest with Snakefruit.  Thav toked about it for months on the trip.  Snakefriut is a fruit that you can only get in boli ....

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Raw Food and Rap Music

 •  May 29

[IMAGE: Raw Pad Thai we made!] Ever since Mood Food, we have all dove deeply into the healthy ways of eating. Organic, raw, vegan, vegetarian, fresh,...

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 •  May 23

A Chinese restaurant chain has consumed our diet in Beijing and Shanghai. I know the first thing your probably thinking – wow, the Sharples have did...

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