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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

 •  November 28

We’d like to say how thankful we are for all of our family, friends, acquaintances – and anyone else who’s reading this – who are accompanying us on our...

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Ola/Adeus Portugal

 •  November 28

Portugal was on our original wish list of destinations but we were determined to spend a minimum of two weeks in each place so it sadly got cut from...

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Surfing Portugal

 •  November 26

Not realizing it till we were in Seville, our next destination would be our best surfing yet. Ericeira, Portugal (Where we went) is marked the world...

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A tor of our apartmint in Pochecol

 •  November 24

Our apartmint  in Lisbon was so cool. Frederico was our hoste and owned the apartmint. He decerad with a brihgt couche and funciy art. Three was a...

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Adios Seville

 •  November 23

Seville was a great place for us to land after Barcelona. While Barcelona is super-cool, it is almost too cosmopolitan to really get a feel for...

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Wedding Dresses

 •  November 22

We  saw  fake girls  wearing lots  of  wedding dresses. They  were  wearing dragging dresses and wedding veils. Seville  has  the best...

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Catedral de Sevilla

 •  November 21

Home is a concept that conjures a myriad of emotions, images, feelings and responses. Ever constant, home morphs and evolves, having unique...

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 •  November 20

Flamenco dancers  have lad shos because they stomp their feet.   They have pretty dresses wif white poca dots. Some  dresses are penc, red, and...

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 •  November 19

Although guys in tights wearing bejeweled suits killing innocent bulls with their grace and skill all nonchalant may not be as entertaining as...

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Tortuga = Turtle

 •  November 18

In our apartment we have a gardin thar is a tortuga.  The tortuga has a house it has water to it moves orond a lot.  The turtle looks likes an...

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