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Snakefruit & Math With Seeds

 •  May 30

My mom and dad are epcsest with Snakefruit.  Thav toked about it for months on the trip.  Snakefriut is a fruit that you can only get in boli ....

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Raw Food and Rap Music

 •  May 29

[IMAGE: Raw Pad Thai we made!] Ever since Mood Food, we have all dove deeply into the healthy ways of eating. Organic, raw, vegan, vegetarian, fresh,...

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VIDEO: Penestanan Steps

 •  May 28

We live in ubud, bali right now. thats in indonesia. there are too many steps.106. Sowetimes i don’t Like the steps because i gettoo sweaty but the...

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Twin towers of kulo lunpur [Kuala Lumpur]

 •  May 27

From ar hotel we had a perphict vuo of the twin towers.  They are mega big.  After they wer bilt in 1998 they wer the to0 tolest buildings in the...

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再见 (zài jiàn) China!

 •  May 26

The first time Cliff and I were fortunate enough to visit China was in October 2001. We were traveling with 18 other families from the USA to go and...

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Oriental Pearl Tower

 •  May 25

Someone could categorize Shanghai as just another big city with a big population, tall buildings and pollution. Yes, it has all those things, but...

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fashon day in shanghi

 •  May 24

At fashon day we got to see  lot of clothes. Tuckie  got shorts. I got a  shirt with a hawburger on it. OttO got shorts too. Yve  got  ajacket....

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 •  May 23

A Chinese restaurant chain has consumed our diet in Beijing and Shanghai. I know the first thing your probably thinking – wow, the Sharples have did...

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China’s Wall of Greatness

 •  May 22

According to Wikipedia, there are seven wonders in this world. I’m not sure who possesses the authority to stake that claim, but there it stands...

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Tour Of The Great Wall Box House

 •  May 22

We stayed at the Great wall Box House for 5 nights in the picturesque village of Gubeikou.  Most people stay for 1 night as a side trip from...

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