Picture Perfect

 •  March 19

We take a lot of pictures. Just past halftime for Project Equator, our family has collectively snapped over 40,000 digital images, over 500 gigabytes...

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Chúng Tôi Yêu Bạn Vietnam

 •  March 17

The country of Vietnam will always hold a special place in our hearts because it is where Tuck and Jones were born! As we head off to Thailand to...

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Tunneling in Cu Chi

 •  March 16

Like always, we are not staying in a location long enough. If you have been following our Instagram feed you would see the hash tag...

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BEST AWARDS: Accommodations…So Far! :)

 •  March 15

As we depart from Vietnam, we have officially completed half of our year long journey around the world. In some ways it has flown by, yet it seems...

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Vietnam War Timeline

 •  March 14

Visiting Hanoi in 2009 was the first time that I learned about the Vietnam War.  After visiting the Hanoi Hilton, a notorious prison that held and...

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tor uv our hochmin apartmint

 •  March 13

here a vidio of our hochmin apartmint. Mom’s favrit part was the londry room we als0 aded a vidio wen the kids wer in school.  

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Wenay’s Pool

 •  March 12

We went to Wenay [Mui Ne] with the roaming jones and we all went to the pool evry day and wood swim thare was a hot tub in the mitle of the pool...

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Red Sand Doons

 •  March 11

We went to Wenay [Mui Ne] and dasidid to go see the red sand doons we got to the red sand doons and we clibe a montin of red sand and then Jon and...

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Tailor Made in Hoi An, Vietnam!

 •  March 9

There is no place in the world quite like Hoi An, Vietnam. The lanterns are magical! And the street are lined with beautiful pagodas and amazing...

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Biking in Hoi An, Vietnam

 •  March 8

If there were to be a new extreme sport then it should be biking in Vietnam. Even biking to the market and getting a coconut gives you an immense...

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