Birthday Bash

 •  June 11

I was lucky enough to be born in May so I could hitch a ride on the birthday-in-bali train along with Mom, Tuck, Jones and Dad (Dad celebrated his...

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easter at the grete wall

 •  May 21

We went to the grete wall and spent our ester there. The grete wall is cool and so high up. We wer werryed that the ester bunnny condentd come so we...

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Happy Birthday Cliff!!!!

 •  April 12

Today is your 50th bday…Wahoo!!!  We wish we could all be together to celebrate but we will just have to make up for it in Bali In Project Equator...

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 •  March 2

The Tet holiday in Vietnam celebrates Vietnamese New Year.  Many establishments in the  country shut down for 10 days so that everyone can enjoy...

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Furaha ya mwaka mpya!! Welcome 2014!!

 •  December 31

As we see 2013 close and 2014 dawn from our front row balcony seat on the eastern shores of Zanzibar, we are humbled by how fortunate, blessed, lucky...

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Maasai Magic

 •  December 27

It is good to have your own Maasai warrior as your new BFF when walking around Zanzibar.  The robes and tinkling bracelets and necklaces are one...

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Heri ya Krismas from Zanzibar!

 •  December 26

  Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the beach bar, several creatures were stirring from lands far and near… With technical descriptions...

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

 •  November 28

We’d like to say how thankful we are for all of our family, friends, acquaintances – and anyone else who’s reading this – who are accompanying us on our...

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Catedral de Sevilla

 •  November 21

Home is a concept that conjures a myriad of emotions, images, feelings and responses. Ever constant, home morphs and evolves, having unique...

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Happy Birthday to Our Best Bud Money Mikes!

 •  November 15

There were supposed to be flamingo dancers and a group of Japanese tourists that say “Happy Birthday Michael.” But I spaced out and forgot to put them...

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