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Water Bom

 •  July 11

We went to Changoo and went to this riley fun water park coled Water Bom thar wer Riley fun tubs and slides.  Me and my family and my consens...

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Horses of Gili

 •  July 4

We went to gili air iland which is part of lombok, indonesia and saw a lot horses.  If you tack a horses and buggy around the hole iland it only...

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Bolinis Dancing [Balinese Dancing]

 •  June 17

In Boli we went to see bolinis dancing.  The dancing was so cool becaes the dancers wer like moving there eye in stoff.  They wer waring a very...

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Lerning How To Mack Offerings

 •  June 14

In Bali I lernd how to mack offerings.  To mack offerings you need cocnut leaves, flowers, a nif and scissors to cut the shaps, and a stapler and...

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Heron Village

 •  June 9

We went to the heron village and saw a lot of herons.  Wal we wer walking to see the herons we saw people with pet roosters and mom sed if they get...

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Snakefruit & Math With Seeds

 •  May 30

My mom and dad are epcsest with Snakefruit.  Thav toked about it for months on the trip.  Snakefriut is a fruit that you can only get in boli ....

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Twin towers of kulo lunpur [Kuala Lumpur]

 •  May 27

From ar hotel we had a perphict vuo of the twin towers.  They are mega big.  After they wer bilt in 1998 they wer the to0 tolest buildings in the...

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easter at the grete wall

 •  May 21

We went to the grete wall and spent our ester there. The grete wall is cool and so high up. We wer werryed that the ester bunnny condentd come so we...

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Wangfujing Snack Street

 •  May 17

We desided to exsplor the famis snack street of beajing  with cari.  We saw scwerpieins on a scuoer you can eet it raw or griled.  Ther is not...

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i no how to cook chinees food!

 •  May 7

We took a cooking class in china and mom made eggplant and me yve and otto made noodles .  wescott didinted won’t to come cuz he hade a lot of school...

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