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Tech, Glorious Tech!

 •  September 1

The trip is done. We’ve made it home. And, unbelievably, almost all of the technology paraphernalia we left Mercer Island with made it back home with...

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Jet Lag

 •  July 18

Traveling to a new destination is always a struggle, especially when the destination you are traveling to has a three or more hour time...

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 •  March 26

As we beebop from country to country, we notice that every location we go to has a different form of transportation that has adapted to that specific...

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Journeying to Bagan

 •  March 21

If you like to travel quite a bit, you may be able to relate to feeling this illusive yet seductive state of mind, where you feel in harmony with...

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24 Hours in Bangkok, VISAs & Another Classic Hotel Tour By Tuck and Jones

 •  March 18

We intended to get our VISAs for Myanmar in Hanoi, Vietnam but we didn’t realize that the Myanmar Embassy was closed for 10 days during...

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BEST AWARDS: Accommodations…So Far! :)

 •  March 15

As we depart from Vietnam, we have officially completed half of our year long journey around the world. In some ways it has flown by, yet it seems...

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The Horror of It!

 •  December 20

About four days after arriving in Marrakech I realized that I had no idea where my passport was.  After searching high and low, I decided that...

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Serenity in the garden? Not a chance :)

 •  September 9

Woke up early this morning to enjoy a cup of coffee in the garden before the inevitable chaos of the day.  Next to friends and family, our garden is...

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Trip Just Got Better!

 •  September 9

Whenever I meet someone and start talking to them about the trip one question always seems to come up. “What are you most excited for on the...

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 •  September 4

Ever since we bought a house on the coast of Oregon in Cannon Beach, Yve, Wescott, and I have become what you would call surf bums. Ever since my...

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